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Truffle Hunting and dining

Truffle  Hunting and dining
Located in the Southern Tablelands just outside the village of Bredbo, Macenmist Black Truffles and Wines are proud to have created a farming oasis. Just under an hours drive from Canberra you will be able to experience something new, different and definitely exciting. Head south toward the Snowy Mountains and in less than an hour you will be captivated by the wonders the region has to offer. Truffle hunts take place on crisp winter mornings with a dog leading the way. When a truffle is found it is extracted from its subterranean home in true archaeological-style using small tools and brushes. After the hunt it is back to the truffle shed to explore the fascination of truffles, partake of refreshments and indulge in truffle tastings. You may wish to stay on for a truffle lunch or if you want something extra come for an all-day event where you will experience firsthand the delights of truffle from paddock to plate. The all day events include a cooking class where their chef will show you how to obtain the best from your truffle.

10th Jun 2017
9th Sep 2017
Bredbo New South Wales