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Wildside Adventure Race Expedition Edition

Wildside Adventure Race Expedition Edition
The Wildside Adventure Race Expedition Edition will have everything - challenging trek legs, demanding mountain biking and scenic paddle legs. The course is rich in history. You and your team will get a real adventure experience while you get to know Canberra and the ACT. This is team expedition adventure racing. Take on a 400km course over five days using multiple disciplines combined with navigation in remote locations. The Wildside Adventure Race will include trekking, paddling, mountain biking, swimming and canyoning as you journey across a course navigating from control point to control point. This is the ultimate in endurance racing. Race day and night across varied landscapes while managing your own supplies and implementing sleep and nutrition strategies. You'll need to be prepared for anything and be able to operate in harsh remote environments. Many sports claim to be tough but this could be the toughest racing there is. The race is also the Australian leg of the Outdoor Race World Tour and Race 4 of the Australian Adventure Racing Series. This will up the ante as teams vie for points in the National and International series. Enter now - Race later - Brag forever.

30th Sep 2017
7th Oct 2017
Canberra Australian Capital Territory