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The Arrival

The Arrival
The Arrival - fusion of Tan’s beautiful and surreal illustrations with exquisite puppetry, haunting music and fine acting. Built on the animation of images from Shaun Tan’s new book, a fantastical world comes to life in a strange and Wonderful metropolis full of floating ships, alien objects and weird animals. It is in this place that the hero Aki makes his home. The Arrival is a universal tale of the challenges, the humour and adventures of arriving in a new country and resonates far beyond any arrival….a new school, a new job, a new town. The absence of words not only makes the story perfect for puppetry but emphasizes the isolation that is experienced by many people arriving in a new place. This is Spare Parts Puppet Theatre's most visually stunning and emotional moving production to date and has been received with absolute critical claim. … of the best pieces of children’s theatre staged in Perth for years, a soulful and richly imaginative show of refreshing excellence. The Australian Based on the book by Shaun Tan Director: Philip Mitchell Designer: Jiri Zmitko Composer: Lee Buddle Lighting Designer: Graham Waine Performers: Alicia Osyka, Adrienne Patterson, Ellis Pearson, Shirley van Sanden

27th Sep 2017
30th Sep 2017
Canberra Australian Capital Territory