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Who Am I?

Who Am I?
Who Am I? - it's a kind of storytelling show, but it’s different from most. Maybe from all. One man, one remote, one screen. Three suits, eight nights. One moment in the maelstrom to define a lifetime - or face national humiliation. Step right up, folks! This is the opposite of trivia, an aspirational epic in a contained space, Citizen Kane in a matchbox, a chance to stand at that windy precipice where preparation meets opportunity. Like a good car-wax, director Stephen Abbott nourishes and protects Russell Cheek, as he shares this harrowing momentum into the unknown - his attempt at the summit of all Australian quiz shows. "An Absolute treat…carefree and comic delight. Fascinating and funny. Winning,warm and rewarding." - Australian Stage Written and Performed by Russell Cheek Directed By Stephen Abbott(AKA the Sandman ) Lighting Design: Jacky Bennett

28th Mar 2017
2nd Apr 2017
Canberra Australian Capital Territory