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Mark Swivel: Dad. Joke

Mark Swivel: Dad. Joke
Swiv is preparing a speech for his son's 21st ... And struggling. What on earth does a near-dead-white-male say to his son, The Triumph of Beard Oil? Join Swiv on a free dive into his past and our future. He emerges with pearls for his son, for all of us. On Gough and slippery dips, choc tops and so much more! A rousing, ridiculous how-not-to-guide on parenting and politics in our arguably-a-bit-mad world. Mark Swivel is almost certainly the only performer to feature on both Channel 10's Studio 10 and Radio National's Late Night Live in 2016. Go figure! Swiv answers every question a young person can ask from 'should men wee sitting down?' to 'honestly, what are we to do about this capitalism caper in our post-truth times?' He calls it a service to his generation, who have a lot to answer for. Dad. Joke. is world-changing wittering, brilliant banter. Warning: contains one dad joke per performance (mercifully brief).

24th Apr 2017
23rd Apr 2017
Canberra Australian Capital Territory