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Living Well with Yoga Weekend Retreat

Living Well with Yoga Weekend Retreat
Escape for a weekend of Yoga with Catherine. A friendly and relaxed weekend designed for both beginners and advanced. Share in Catherine's passion for a healthy lifestyle and finish the weekend with a renewed sense of wellness. When people think of yoga retreats, they tend to think the weekends are about getting up at 5am, twisting their bodies into challenging shapes to stand on their heads, and lots of awkward silent moments. Not to mention the diet of lettuce leaves and lentils!!! This retreat is all about 'staying healthy and living well with Yoga' allowing you to relax in peaceful surroundings whilst enjoying great food, likeminded company and reaching your own personal yoga and meditation goals. The retreat is not only about the practice of yoga itself, but the yogic practices that promote a healthy life, body and mind. Learn the skills to assist you in living life with a more relaxed mindset through personalised and approachable teachings.

19th May 2017
21st May 2017
Crackenback New South Wales