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Ingress in Canberra

Ingress in Canberra
Ingress is an online mobile phone game enjoyed by millions worldwide. Meet players from all corners of the globe for a weekend gathering of fun, friendship and exploration in the Nation's Capital! Canberra has been chosen to host a special event called an Anomaly. Ingress players, or Agents, are divided into two factions, Enlightened and Resistance, competing in a complex strategy game similar to capture the flag. Groups of Agents explore the real world to interact with culturally significant locations, or portals, for their team’s tactical advantage. See the world around you in a whole new light as you discover public art, landmarks and monuments with your team. Ingress pioneered the augmented reality game genre in 2012. It is the original platform and inspiration behind Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Download Ingress on Android or iOS and join us for the only event scheduled in the Oceania region this year. Ingress - It’s time to Move

20th Oct 2018
21st Oct 2018
Canberra Australian Capital Territory