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Berder. Gaba. Urrknga. Wantja. Exhibiton at Nishi Gallery

Berder. Gaba. Urrknga. Wantja.  Exhibiton at Nishi Gallery
A group exhibition by Erub Arts, Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre, Hermannsburg Potters and Ernabella Arts. Berder. Gaba. Urrknga. Wantja. presents new ceramics from Indigenous artists living in remote areas across Australia. The exhibition represents a north to south journey across the land; from Darnley Island in the most north-eastern part of Torres Strait Islands (Erub Arts), to Cardwell in Queensland (Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre), to Ntaria in Northern Territory (Hermannsburg Potters), to the Musgrave Ranges in the far north-west of South Australia (Ernabella Arts). Together, these four art centres make up the Remote Communities Ceramic Network. The title of the exhibition describes the closest word for ‘clay’ from each art centre. Berder is a Meriam (Torres Strait Islands) word for ‘mud’. Gaba is a Girramay, Jirrbal and Gulnay (Queensland) word for ‘white clay’; one of four ochre colours used to paint traditional objects. Urrknga is a Western Aranda (Northern Territory) word for ‘clay or dirty mud’. Wantja is a Pitjantjatjara (South Australia) word for ‘the hard, moist earth; the first sign of water when digging a soakage well’. Berder. Gaba. Urrknga. Wantja. depicts a range of narratives; stories of adaptation, social shifts and continuing connection to place.

23rd May 2019
1st Jun 2019
Canberra Australian Capital Territory