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Ada.Ada.Ada: The Ada Lovelace Show

Ada.Ada.Ada: The Ada Lovelace Show
In 1843 Ada Lovelace applied her imagination and mathematical genius to develop the world’s first complex computer program. She did this 100 years before a computer existed. Then she was written out of history. In Ada.Ada.Ada, Lovelace tells her story using an LED dress which she operates – live on stage – using her wearable tech satin glove. After extensive tours in the UK, the Ada Show brings their spellbinding, interactive storytelling about Ada Lovelace to an Australian audience for the first time. The show combines beauty, story-telling and technology to make an important point: in a world where history, especially the history of technology, seems to be written by men, for men, the role of women who were crucial to the creation of modern computing is generally overlooked. The Ada show exists to celebrate just one of the many women who were instrumental in creating modern computing. The 3A Institute at the Australian National University is proud to present the Ada.Ada.Ada show for the first time in Australia.

30th May 2019
30th May 2019
Canberra Australian Capital Territory