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Howie the Rookie

Howie the Rookie
Blistering words and beats collide for break-neck physical theatre. Howie the Rookie is a white-knuckle ride through the mean streets of Dublin, fuelled by a molotov cocktail of vivid characters, pitch-black humour and comic-book violence that makes Tarantino look tame. The story begins with the ready foot-soldier of random vendettas, The Howie Lee, roped into a manhunt over a scabies-infested mattress. His prey and namesake, The Rookie Lee, then picks up the tale: as one aggrieved psychopath after another circles around him, he has to rely on his teflon charm and the help of an unexpected brother-in-arms to keep his kneecaps intact. Fresh from his acclaimed physical odyssey Icarus (Overall Winner, Dance & Physical Theatre Award, Fringe World 2019), “the master of the solo performance” Christopher Samuel Carroll makes another expectation-defying swerve with his latest one-man show, playing both roles in an acting masterclass that returns to his Irish roots. The ricocheting lyricism of Mark O’Rowe’s award-winning modern classic (Best New Play, Irish Times Theatre Awards 1999) is driven by live accompaniment from drummer Steve Fitzgerald (Brass Knuckle Brass Band, Bella Groove, Victor Rufus Reverberation), in a pulsating piece of theatre with all the brutal beauty of a bare-knuckle brawl.

21st Jun 2019
21st Jun 2019
Canberra Australian Capital Territory