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Caribe Havana Return Por Favor

Caribe Havana Return Por Favor
Through a lens both retrospective and current, ‘Havana Return, Por Favor’ shares the recollections of a first-generation Cuban migrant returning home after many years in Australia. This striking and varied stage production with its steamy Caribbean rhythms will transport the audience straight to the heart of Cuba. The dancers exude unmatched elegance, exoticism and Cubanissimo in choreography by Adrian Medina against a backdrop of archival footage from 50s and 60s Cuba accompanied by an 8-piece band. The culmination of this blend of skills is a unique stage performance, making the show a memorable experience. As Master of Ceremonies, Medina keeps up a narrative between the musical numbers, filling in the historical background with juicy anecdotes and humour. The group sound stems from Gai Bryant’s compositions and arrangements which embody a knowledge of traditional Cuban styles integrated with years of jazz experience.The result is a maverick interpretation of traditional and classic styles that are performed with élan and spirit. Dancers: Adrian Medina and Yarima Gavilan Musicians: Lee McIver -trumpet Gai Bryant-alto/soprano saxes Julian Gough-tenor sax Danny Carmichael-trombone Nick Henderson-double bass Ed Goyer-piano José Antonio Marquez Muzzio and Marcelo Malovini-percussion

25th Aug 2019
25th Aug 2019
Canberra Australian Capital Territory