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Script Tease with Lightbulb Improv

Script Tease with Lightbulb Improv
Local Playwrights create the first scene. Lightbulb Improv will take it from there. What a Script Tease! A story has infinite endings, yet scripts confine them to one. Lightbulb Improv will break all the rules to bring you a truly unique night of "scripted" theatre. Local playwrights (Harriet Elvin, John Robert Lombard, Greg Gould and Laura Griffin) will create the first scene of an original play; unknown and unseen by the Lightbulb players. Canberra's premiere improvisation troupe will then take these scripts beyond the page to endings unknown.You'll be treated to four different plays that have never been seen and will never be seen again. It's fleeting theatre magic! Join Lightbulb for a night of collaboration and creation and see a play evolve before your eyes. A production within the Canberra Unscripted festival (19-22 September).

19th Sep 2019
19th Sep 2019
Canberra Australian Capital Territory