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Adventurers (Canberra Unscripted)

Adventurers (Canberra Unscripted)
It’s a critical hit! Join these Adventurers on their quest that rests on the fate of the roll of the die. Help create a group of Dungeons and Dragons style heroes and watch them set off in the world to go on a quest. Their fates will rest in the roll of a die - will they have the right combination of stats for success? Will this show be a critical hit, or will it suffer a critical hit instead? Be there to find out! Directed by Damian Ashcroft and Brad Hoff Part of the Canberra Unscripted festival (19-22 September) Full night packages (three shows) are available for $39 - $45. Saturday 21 September: 7:00pm Sunday Brunch| 8:15pm The Adventurers| 9:30pm Late Night Cabernet Sunday 22 September: 5:00pm The Adventurers| 6:15pm Femme Noire | 7:30pm Canberra Impro Challenge

21st Sep 2019
22nd Sep 2019
Canberra Australian Capital Territory