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Flight Memory

Flight Memory
A Narrative Song Cycle about Australian Genius By Sandra France (From a Black Sky) and Alana Valentine (Barbara and the Camp Dogs, Letters to Lindy, Cold Light) A mesmerising series of songs. A spellbinding portrait of scientific endeavour. A homage to invention in our country that will inspire and challenge the belief ‘everything good gets invented somewhere else’ . This compelling story of visionary Australian scientist David Warren and the invention that transformed technological and aeronautical history explores the core human emotions behind the world-changing Black Box Flight Recorder. Feel the pain of parochialism, the unconscious grind of childhood grief, and the elation of hard-won success. Completing our 2019 year, this specially commissioned world premiere is a sensory feast of live music, theatre and visual design taking us from blues, Broadway jazz, funk, and Latin to minimalism, free improvisation and beyond. Mind-expanding live performance mixing up musical styles as Flight Memory examines how Australia treats its scientists and asks can we live out the absolute bounds of our potential as a nation?

27th Apr 2020
27th Apr 2020
Canberra Australian Capital Territory