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Fourth Consecutive Quarter of Double Digit Visitor Growth for the Snowy Mountains

Fourth Consecutive Quarter of Double Digit Visitor Growth for the Snowy Mountains

Tourism Research Australia’s September quarter 2016 figures revealed that the Snowy Mountains region again recorded double digit growth. 

That’s now the fourth consecutive quarter that the region has received a major influx of visitors. The Snowy Mountains received 783,000 domestic overnight visitors to year-end September 2016 (up from 648,000), an increase of 15.5% on the previous year. This bettered the NSW regional growth average of 6.8% last year and by 16.8% compared to four years ago. 

Visitors spent over 2.6 million nights in the region, up by 15.3% for the same period. 

Domestic overnight visitors spent $542 million in the region, that’s up by an incredible 34.0% year on year. On average, they spent $206 per night (excluding accommodation) which is up by 16.2%.

‘’It’s so incredibly pleasing to see that the Snowy Mountains has again, for the fourth quarter in a row, seen significant visitor growth. To have an additional 135,000 people visit the region, staying an extra 348,000 bed nights, spending $137 million more when they were here across the region, is an outstanding result,’’ said Neil Thew Executive Officer for Tourism Snowy Mountains. 

‘’I firmly believe that Tourism Snowy Mountain’s own spring, summer and autumn ‘’More to it than you think’’ campaigns and the ‘’Go Snowhere Else’’ winter campaigns in collaboration with the NSW alpine resorts and Destination NSW over the past few years have generated more interest in the region than ever before and we’re gaining substantial and enduring traction,’’ continued Mr Thew. 

‘’To have four successive quarters of double digit visitation growth (beating the NSW regional growth rate each time) is hugely encouraging and makes for a very healthy past twelve months. It strongly suggests that Tourism Snowy Mountains, has been playing its part in contributing to the development of the visitor economy in the region,’’ said Peter Cochran Tourism Snowy Mountains Chairman. 

‘’Tourism Snowy Mountain’s collaborative marketing campaigns have obviously resonated with holiday-makers, with the region now becoming a true year-round destination. I’m looking forward to a fifth consecutive quarterly growth result (December 2016) on the back of fantastic year-ending events and our current promotional endeavours.’’ concluded Mr Cochran. Previous quarterly results (domestic visitation growth):

  • December 2015: 15.3% visitors and 11.7% in bed nights
  • March 2016: 12.2% visitors and 14.27% in bed nights
  • June 2016: 11.0% visitors and 12.8% in bed nights.