Changes to the Board of Tourism Snowy Mountains

NEWS: MARCH 2021. After ten years as a Director then Chair of Tourism Snowy Mountains, Wayne Kirkpatrick has recently stood down to enjoy his family, friends, farm and travel. Wayne has led the Board through significant change in the management of tourism in NSW with the establishment of the Destination Networks, and fought to retain a regional tourism organisation to promote the Snowy Mountains when no other such RTO continued across the state. After a long and distinguished career in the tourism industry across Australia, Wayne has made an invaluable contribution to what has been a regeneration in the visitor economy for the Snowy Mountains. The Board of TSM is extremely grateful for the dedication Wayne has shown over a very long period.

The Deputy Chair Bruce Marshall, who has worked closely in support of Wayne and been a strong advocate for improvements and investment in the Snowy Mountains over the last decade, has also stood down. Bruce has always played a huge role in the economy of the Snowy Mountains and he will also be sorely missed.

Janet Mackay has been elected to the role of Chair of Tourism Snowy Mountains. Janet runs TRC, a tourism planning business, across Australia and New Zealand from her Jindabyne office and has been on the board for 18 months.

The Board has also welcomed Christie Hampton to the newly created role of Marketing and Communications Manager.

We are a not-for-profit tourism board comprising 11 directors – Chair, foundation partners and skills based NEDs. A Marketing Communications Manager reports to the board and contract assistance is utilised for specific campaigns and projects.

Expressions of interest are currently being sought for vacant Non-Executive Board Director (NED) positions on the board of Tourism Snowy Mountains.

The TSM Board is actively involved in the Jindabyne Special Activation Precinct and is working to seek partnerships and additional resources to continue the growth we have been seeing in the visitor economy of the region. For further information please contact Janet Mackay on 0402 152 613 or Christie Hampton on 0404 077 669.

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