What Makes The Snowy Mountains Perfect For Brewing Beer

Kosciuszko Brewing Company, Banjo Paterson Inn. Image: Kosciuszko Brewing

The Snowy Mountains is quickly making a name for itself in the Australian craft beer scene. Fresh mountain air, pristine water supplies and world-class brewers means the beer produced around the area is as crisp as they come. We caught up with the legendary Kosciuszko Brewing team to find out exactly what makes the Snowy Mountains perfect for brewing beer…

If you’re an Aussie beer lover, chances are you know the name Chuck Hahn. Having brewed beer for over 50 years, there’s no doubt this master brewer knows a thing or two about creating the perfect, refreshing beer. Hahn started the Kosciuszko Brewing Company in 2009 with the Australian pale ale quickly becoming a local and national favourite of craft beer drinkers.

A visit to the Snowy Mountains isn’t complete without a visit to the Jindabyne brewhouse. Located within Banjo Paterson Inn, the striking copper VAT’s take centre stage at the hotel entry. Brewing takes place every fortnight during winter and every three-four weeks in summer, with Chuck . With the brewhouse in full public view, you can watch the entire brewing process, then head upstairs to the bar to enjoy a fresh VAT TO TAP ‘Kosci Pale Ale’ out on the deck overlooking Lake Jindabyne. You seriously can’t get fresher than that!

2 men holding beers infront of a timber brewing tank
The Master Brewers, Chuck and Rich at work! Image: Kosciuszko Brewing Company

Ask the brewers

What do you love about the Snowy Mountains brewing scene?

It’s a growing scene down here at the moment, which is exciting to watch. We’re continuing to see some really talented brewers join the scene so it’s only going to keep getting bigger and better. 

What make Kosciuszko Pale Ale so unique?

Kosciuszko Brewing was set up and developed by legendary brewer, Chuck Hahn. The fact that we are lucky enough to have one of the world’s best regarded brewers brewing our beer makes what we produce really unique.

Kosciuszko Pale Ale, best enjoyed…

After enjoying a long day exploring our mountain playground, whether its skiing or hiking.

Next time you’re in the Snowy Mountains, be sure to ask the friendly ‘Banjo’ staff for a tour of the brewhouse. You might even catch licensee Cameron or master brewers, Chuck and Rich for a fresh VAT-TO-TAP Kosci Pale Ale.

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